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Just Wondering, On a 1- 10 Scale, Where Are You?

There is nothing convenient about being healthy. Nothing. We live in a fast-paced, fast-food, wanting fast-results society, but that's not the reality of getting healthy. You'll never see this statement on the cover of any magazine. Ever.

You know me, I always want to be real with you and it's my job to remind you that being healthy takes time and consistency...and that's ok! It's the daily habits and actions that will lead you to feeling like a 10.

With all of the crazy hype being thrown at you, I want to quickly share the only two truth nuggets you need to know.

1. We must slow down. Returning to our food preparation like our ancestors did before the convenient fast food chains popped up on every corner. There was once a time when nightly dinners at home were a common thing. For a snack, you opened the fridge for something fresh instead of ripping open a processed, packaged, full of chemicals and preservatives franken-food type of something.

In order to be different, we have to DO DIFFERENT!

You can't put your health on auto-pilot and expect to get great results. (read my food-prep blog here for more help.)

2. We must be intentional.

Intentional in meal planning, What is your meal road map? Do you know what you need to buy at the grocery store for success this week?

Intentional in meal prepping. You need healthy food on hand when the day gets long or hunger strikes. If not, you'll grab for the sub-par, convenient choice again and again.

Intentional about exercise. Know yourself, know your day. Do you need to get up early so that you can fit a workout in? Is your day going to be hectic and that's the only time to accomplish it? Then, plan accordingly. Don't let another week go by with regret of poor planning. Own it.

We must be intentional with self-care and stress too. Life is harried and hectic! We can easily be swept away in the craziness of it, running ourself ragged and into the ground. What good are you to your family, work, and friends then? Finding balance and boundaries is healthy for everyone involved. You aren't letting anyone down by putting your own life vest on first. You are far better equipped to tackle the world when you're rested, mentally balanced + nourished.

We want (expect) level 10 in our appearance and well-being, yet we give ourselves level 2 attention and forethought.

If you want better, you must DO BETTER. That may mean that you need to do things differently than you are now. Work on the intentionality that I've listed above + weave it into your way of life. If you do, you'll see that "level 2 you" rises quickly!

As always, I'm here to help. Be sure to grab you FREE Soul Happy + Healthy Welcome Kit (link is on my home page.) It's a free meal plan that includes a grocery list, nutrition information, and a prepping plan that can definitely help you out. Love you guys!

Have a happy + healthy day!

xx, Cody

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