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Cody is amazing!! Her enthusiasm for life is not only inspiring but contagious! Her holistic approach to wellness is a win-win bringing your mind, body and soul full circle.

Michelle Osmond

Provo, Utah

I've never found a better coach! Cody is fun, honest and genuine and is always able to lock in directly to the individual needs of her clients. She is a master at teaching not only physical movement and exercise, but also nutrition and mental well-being. She literally is a "one stop" source for healthy-living tools. And did I mention, that she is so much fun?! You wont find anyone better, I promise.

Tanya Barkdull

Orem, Utah

I have been lucky enough to train with Cody at many different phases of my life, and she has been a key to my physical success in all of these stages. Before kids she pushed me to understand my strength and capabilities. After my first child, she helped me to feel healthy and capable of gaining back my strength. But, most importantly, she helped me to feel proud of my body and the amazing accomplishment I had just endured of having a new baby. She didn't make me feel pressured to lose weight, but instead helped me to have a new appreciation for my body. What I love most is that she always provides an uplifting and positive mindset about physical and mental health. I love working with Cody, and I appreciate all of the years that I have been able to learn from her. What an amazing woman! I hope that many more women will have the opportunity to experience being coached by Cody!

Jess Toolson @jesstoolson

Istanbul, Turkey

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Cody was highly praised by my friend and I couldn't wait to get started with her program! She always greets me with a bright smile and her enthusiasm for fitness and life in general is contagious. She creates fitness and nutrition plans that perfectly fit my needs, and knows how to tweak and modify both to get optimal results. I'm amazed at her depth of knowledge! When I leave Cody after our hour session, I feel like I've been loved and cared for. Her intent is always to help you be your best - I have deeply felt her concern and dedication over the years. Now, I too can highly recommend her to anyone.

Shannon Mangum

Provo, Utah

Cody has been my coach for almost 8 years. And - she has seen me through losing weight, gaining muscle, proper nutrition, and helped me find balance in life. She was with me as I traveled through breast cancer - modifying nutrition and exercise along the way. Cody is so great of a coach that I have recommended her to many, including my daughter. I am now healthier than I have ever been, and my work with Cody has transferred into a total lifestyle, not just a fast fix.

Ronda Walker-Weaver

Orem, Utah

I consider Cody to be one of the finest Health Coaches available anywhere. She is highly educated and has skills in nutrition, holistic wellness methods, physical and spiritual strength development, and optimism. She is a unique and remarkable individual that I believe can coach anyone to build the skills they need to take responsibility for their health and wellness, while giving them the motivation to do more and to be more, as they reach their personal potential. I am a far better and stronger woman as a result of working with her. She is a gift in my life and can be the same in yours!

Gayle Holdman

Alpine, Utah

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